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DWI in Harris County isn’t the end of the story for you. With the help of an experienced lawyer who specializes in defending these types of cases, you can fight the charges against you. An arrest does not mean you will be convicted, but it does mean that you need someone on your side who will defend your rights. 

DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) and DUI (Driving Under the Influence) are both serious charges that can have a lasting impact on your life. If convicted, these will result in your having a criminal record, something that will appear on a background check and will need to be disclosed to any potential employer in the future. A conviction will also result in fees and various surcharges, conditions on your ability to drive, increased insurance rates, and even jail time. 

If you need an attorney in Fort Bend County, you deserve to have a lawyer fighting for you who understands your rights, the technical details of the complicated case before you, and the typical actions taken by the prosecution. Andreea Ionescu is an accomplished DWI lawyer who has spent years defending her clients. She uses all of the knowledge that she gained while working at the Harris County District Attorney’s office to get the most favorable outcomes for those she represents.

There are no guarantees in these types of cases, but Andreea promises to fight as diligently as she can for her clients. She is passionate about helping people understand and defend their rights. When the State is using everything they have against you, it is vital to have someone who has years of experience fighting on your behalf. Call Andreea today at 832-509-0222 to schedule a free consultation. During this valuable meeting, she will help you understand the case against you and ask questions that can be crucial to getting the most optimal outcome for your case.

Understanding the Case Against You

DWI cases are some of the most scientific ones to defend and require a great deal of knowledge on the subject to do so successfully. Without understanding the proper protocols and the science behind these cases, it is nearly impossible to defend one of these cases successfully. Beginning with the traffic stop, your lawyer will examine the evidence to see if they can identify any areas in which a mistake was made that could be used to your benefit. 

According to Texas law, an officer must have probable cause in order to pull you over, such as a traffic infraction. If there was no apparent reason for the stop to occur, your lawyer will be able to use that information for your benefit. If the initial traffic stop is suppressed, it can be a detrimental blow to the prosecution’s case that could, in the best-case scenario, lead to the charges being dismissed. 

The most experienced DWI attorneys in Fort Bend County will then examine all of the evidence that the officer gathered after the initial stop. Anything that you said or did during and after the stop will be used against you as the officer builds their case against you. Even before your Miranda rights are read, your speech and actions can help the prosecution make their case. For this reason, it is a best practice to stay silent during and after a traffic stop. If you did or said anything harmful to your case, your lawyer will do all they can to suppress that evidence. 

Challenging the Field Sobriety Tests

After suspecting you have been operating a vehicle with an alcohol concentration above the legal limit, the officer will begin conducting a series of field sobriety tests. These can include following an object with your eyes without moving your head, walking heel-toe in a straight line, and standing on one foot while counting until the officer instructs you to stop. All of these tests, while approved in many states across the nation, are problematic in practice. Because these tests are based on negative scoring, they cannot be passed even if you are completely sober. The test will be used against you by the police and prosecution to back their case, so you need someone who is equally knowledgeable in these tests to defend your case. All three of the standard field sobriety tests can be failed while sober and under the most optimal conditions. Your lawyer should ask you questions about any medical conditions, as well as your mental state during the time of the stop. They will also need to know if the conditions that night were less than optimal that could’ve resulted in your failing the test.

When selecting a DWI or DUI attorney in Fort Bend County to defend your case, it is essential to find someone who understands DWI laws in order to give you the best possible representation. If you choose to represent yourself or choose someone who is inexperienced in these cases, you can suffer the consequences of that decision for years to come. It’s best to have an attorney with years of experience on your side to help you navigate the confusing and challenging process of fighting your DWI charge. 

Your attorney can also help you make essential filing deadlines, fill out difficult to understand paperwork, and ensure that you have all the documents necessary for your requests to be considered. Your lawyer can also represent you at your ALR hearing and help you fill out the SR-22 form that is required in some cases. There’s no reason to have your driving privileges suspended simply because you missed a filing deadline.

“Having to be charged with a DWI can ruin your entire life. I almost lost my job when they found out. Andreea helped me keep my DL and got me a good result on my case. I highly recommend her.” Kevin

Andreea Ionescu has the years of experience needed to represent her clients well, leading to many favorable case outcomes and a number of happy clients. Your DWI arrest doesn’t mean that you will be convicted—call one of the best DWI lawyers in Montgomery County today at 832-509-0222 for your free consultation.