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Understanding your rights is vital to fighting a DUI or DWI arrest in Houston. Andreea Ionescu is a former prosecutor who learned a great deal from her time in the Harris County D.A.’s office. Now, as a leading defense attorney, she uses her knowledge to fight for her clients’ rights. She takes the time to meet with clients individually and ensure that questions are answered in a timely manner. Most law firms are too busy and leave clients with many unanswered questions, but that is not the case with Andreea. She truly cares about each one of her clients, making her one of the most well-respectedattorneys in Houston. 

“Andreea handled my 3rd DWI (felony). I was terrified and had lots of questions. She was always helpful, answering emails in a very timely manner. It was such a relief to have someone so knowledgeable and caring in my corner.” Anonymous 

The Costs of a DWI

Being charged with a DWI is serious, and a conviction can have lasting effects on your life, including increased insurance rates and a charge on your criminal record. Typically, defendants charged with a DWI have three options: have evidence suppressed so the case is dismissed, negotiate a plea agreement, or defend the case in court. Because each case is different, your lawyer should look at the specific charges you are facing and the circumstances around your arrest before determining the best course of action. 

DWI cases can be costly and very time-consuming, which is why having an experienced attorney on your side is vital to your case being resolved promptly and with the best possible outcome. If your case ends up going to trial, it can take considerably longer than if you accept a plea agreement. Depending on the complexities of your particular case, it can take anywhere from six months to a few years to resolve. 

In addition to taking your valuable time and energy, DWI cases can cost thousands of dollars to fight. The various fees associated with your case will depend largely on where your DWI took place, the seriousness of the charge, and the outcome. You may be required to pay fines and court costs, in addition to lawyer fees. Further costs such as classes, sobriety tests, and supervision can be a result of being sentenced to probation. 

Additional costs are associated with a suspended license, such as mandatory SR-22 insurance. If an Ignition Interlock Device is ordered, you will be required to pay for the cost of the device, in addition to the monthly fees associated with its use. 

Hiring an Experienced Attorney to Examine the Evidence

The best possible outcome that your attorney will be able to get crucial pieces of evidence against you suppressed, resulting in a dismissal. They will examine every aspect of the traffic stop, the officer’s DWI investigation, and the results from the lab to determine if there was any malfeasance or mishandling of your case. As a former Harris County prosecutor, Andreea has handled hundreds of DWI cases and knows the prosecution’s tactics. She’s also well-versed in the protocols police officers and the lab are required by law to follow. 

Any experienced attorney will start by reviewing the traffic stop to ensure that the police officer had probable cause to pull you over. In the state of Texas, if they didn’t have a reason to pull you over, this could weaken the prosecutor’s case and result in a reduction of the charges or, at best, a complete dismissal. 

“Attorney Andreea Ionescu is the Best of the Best. She not only got my case dismissed but she advised me all of my options and explained the whole process to me and was always candid and honest. Her experience as a former Harris County Prosecutor is invaluable to her clients. A true professional that was always available to me from day one to dismissal!” Troy

Reviewing the DWI Investigation

ext, your lawyer should look at the DWI investigation conducted by the police officer. If a field sobriety test was administered, your lawyer may challenge the results based on the efficacy of the tests. Many of these tests are unreliable and are readily challenged in court. If a warrant was issued for your blood sample, your attorney may examine the process to determine if it was executed correctly. If there are any procedural issues with the DWI investigation or the evidence collected from it, this can lead to a more favorable result for your defense. 

The evidence in DWI cases must be handled with the utmost care and protocols need to be followed carefully. If there’s any possibility that the evidence collected was mishandled in any way, your lawyer may use that as part of your defense. Furthermore, they will examine the qualifications of those who processed your blood work and ensure that your rights were not violated as the State built their case against you. 

Due to the serious nature of a DWI charge, it’s best to hire an attorney who is experienced in defending this type of case. Having a lawyer on your side to fight for your rights can significantly improve the results of your case. With their help, they can reduce the amount of money and time your defense will take. If you choose to handle a case like this on your own or choose an inexperienced lawyer, the consequences can be long-lasting. A DWI conviction is something you will have to disclose during interviews and will show up on a background check; this may affect your future employment. With such high stakes, there’s no reason to try and handle a complex DWI case yourself. Andreea Ionescu is an experiencedDWI lawyer in Houston who fights for the rights of her clients and is passionate about ensuring they receive the best defense possible. 

Call 832-509-0222 today to discuss your case with Andreea. During this free consultation, she will learn more about your particular case, discuss the usual course that a DWI case takes, and will outline your next steps. You don’t have to fight your DWI arrest in Houston TX alone—call Andreea today.