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After being arrested for a DWI or DUI, what do you do next? You might wonder if it’s worth representing and handling the case yourself, but that is never the best option. DWI and DUI cases are some of the most technical and require knowledge of the science and an intricate understanding of the State’s tactics in their case against you. Hiring an inexperienced lawyer, a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in DWI cases, or representing yourself can lead to lasting consequences, including a DWI conviction that can stay on your criminal record for life. 

There are hundreds of lawyers and law firms in the area who could represent your case, but not all attorneys will provide the best defense for you. Your rights are important, as is your ability to drive, so why not hire the best lawyer in Fort Bend County to defend you? 

Finding The Best Lawyer for Your Case

You will be able to spot the difference between an okay lawyer and a lawyer who is committed to your case by the way they have treated previous clients. Reviews online are a great way to determine how an attorney might interact with you and your case. Researching lawyers near you and reading reviews from previous clients can go a long way in helping you select a lawyer you can trust who will defend you. 

Andreea Ionescu is a prominent lawyer in the Houston area who has been defending peoples’ rights for years. As a former prosecutor, she learned first-hand how DWI and DUI cases are handled in Harris County and has used that inside knowledge to get many positive outcomes for her cases. While she cannot guarantee a specific result in a case, she is devoted to helping her clients understand and fight for their rights. Her previous clients consider her to be one of the best DWI attorneys in Fort Bend County.

Maximizing The Initial Meeting

Like many other attorneys, Andreea offers a free consultation during which she will discuss your case and ask questions about the night the traffic stop and arrest occurred. During this thorough examination, she will be able to quickly spot potential pieces of evidence she can challenge in court that could be helpful for your case. She will also take the time to help you understand the course that these cases typically take, so you know what to expect. Call 832-509-0222 today to schedule a call with Andreea—an attorney who truly cares about her clients.

“When I went for my first consultation, she told me that we are a team and we are going to work together to get me the best result. And that is what happened. She is very good, I highly recommend her.” Eric

Watching for Red Flags

While discussing your case with a lawyer, be cautious of anyone who promises you a specific outcome of your case. It might sound good when a lawyer promises that your case is a slam-dunk for a dismissal, but that’s something they can’t guarantee, no matter how good a lawyer they are or how strong their track record is. A case is dismissed at the prosecution’s discretion. It is your lawyer’s job to examine the evidence for any potential areas of defense and work to get evidence suppressed. If they do their job well enough, it could weaken the State’s case against you so much that they have no choice but to drop the charges. However, if you hear someone promising a result, it is recommended that you continue your search for another lawyer. 

Examining the Evidence Closely

In addition to taking a keen interest in your case from the outset, an experienced DWI attorney in Houston will begin examining the evidence for any holes in the prosecution’s case that they will be able to use for your defense. If your lawyer has years of experience under their belt, they will begin asking questions to see where your constitutional rights may have been violated.

By Texas law, an officer cannot pull you over without a clear reason, such as a traffic violation or an evident concern for your health. If there wasn’t a reason to pull you over, then everything that happened after the point could be questioned by your lawyer, which could lead to a reduction in the charges or, in the best-case scenario, a dismissal of the case. 

If, during a routine stop, an officer suspects that you are driving under the influence of alcohol or another substance that causes your impairment, they will begin conducting a DWI investigation. The best DWI lawyers in Fort Bend County know standard protocol for police officers and will quickly be able to point out any errors by the officer during the course of their investigation. If the police officer who pulled you over was inexperienced in conducting these investigations, it could benefit your case, something that you might not be able to take advantage of if you choose to represent yourself. 

Your lawyer will also look into the breath or blood tests that were performed regardless of the results. Even if you were declared by the officer at the scene to have an alcohol content above the legal limit, your attorney can still fight the charges. They will look at the lab that processed your blood or breath sample and will determine if anyone who handled the evidence was inexperienced or unqualified to do so. They will also look at the timing of events to see if the State can prove that you were legally intoxicated at the time of the stop. Often, breath and blood samples are taken much later than the stop, which can hurt the prosecution’s case against you.

Many people think, after being arrested for a DWI that they will plead guilty, please the judge, and get leniency as a result. But often that is not how these cases work. Your best option is to fight the case with one of the best lawyers in Fort Bend County on your side. Andreea Ionescu has handled hundreds of DWI cases, working tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for her clients. Call 832-509-0222 to schedule your free consultation with Andreea today and get her on your side, fighting for your rights.