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There are many DWI attorneys in Montgomery Countywho can defend the State’s case against you. But, with so many options out there, how do you select the lawyer who is right for your case? When searching for someone who will defend your DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) or DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charges, it is paramount to find someone who is knowledgeable in the field. DWI cases are some of the most complex and technical, so finding someone who has defended hundreds of these cases is your best chance at getting the best result. 

Andreea Ionescu is a former Harris County prosecutor who now uses her extensive knowledge of the District Attorney’s office to fight for her clients. She has the ability to quickly spot inconsistencies in the State’s case and is able to strategize the best course of action as a result. Throughout her years as a DWI Attorney in Fort Bend County, she has been able to secure hundreds of favorable outcomes for her clients who have been arrested for a DWI.

Like many other lawyers, she offers a free consultation for prospective clients. During this important introductory meeting, she will ask in-depth questions to review your case. Andreea knows that every case is different and requires a unique defense, so she will get to know you and the individual circumstances you’re facing. She will take the time to answer your questions and make sure that you understand the typical course that DWI cases take. If you need an attorney in Montgomery County, call Andreea today at 832-509-0222

What to Look for in an Attorney

Your lawyer will use their expertise to begin strategizing the appropriate defense based on the specifics of your case. They will consider important factors, such as your criminal and driving history, the county in which the stop took place, and whether anyone was injured as a result of your driving. More than that, they will take a look at the process by which you were charged. If the police officer was inexperienced in handling a DWI investigation or if the stringent protocols were not followed to the letter, your lawyer will use these facts to try and get the evidence suppressed and, as a result, the case dismissed.

Your attorney will fight for a dismissal, which is the best possible outcome for your case. But be cautious of anyone who promises they will be able to get your case dismissed—this is something that is outside of their control. A defense attorney can and should examine the evidence that the prosecution has gathered against you and pinpoint any areas of weakness in their case. They could focus on procedural issues, chain of custody problems, or even the efficacy of the tests administered, to name a few. From there, your attorney will diligently work to get that piece of evidence suppressed. If they are able to do so, this could result in the prosecution having no choice but to dismiss the case. If someone promises you a result before taking your case, it’s best to keep searching for another lawyer. 

What to Expect During a DWI Case

Hiring an expert in defending DWI cases can have a profound impact on the result of your case and can have a lasting effect on your future. You should not fight a DWI in Montgomery County on your own. Because a DWI conviction can affect your future employment opportunities, it’s best not to leave the outcome of the case to chance. An inexperienced defense attorney can cost you more money in fines and court costs, not to mention the likelihood of receiving a more severe punishment than you might have received otherwise. 

DWI cases are notorious for taking months, if not years, to resolve, during which time you will have to take time off of work to appear before the judge in your case. Regardless of the result, you will have to pay court fees, fines, attorneys fees, and a higher insurance rate. There are additional costs associated with probation, such as classes, mandatory testing, or a breath test device in your vehicle. 

If your driving resulted in an accident, that is a serious criminal offense. The punishment received will depend on what happened as a result of the accident. Severe DWI accident offenses in Texas will be charged as felonies a majority of the time. Intoxication Assault could leave you facing prison time of two-ten years, up to $10,000 in fines, and hundreds of hours in community service. Intoxication Manslaughter is even more severe as it is a second-degree felony. With this charge, you could face up to twenty years in state prison, fines of up to $10,000, and hundreds of community service hours.

Hiring an Experienced Attorney is Crucial 

Due to the heavy punishments laid on these DWI cases, it is imperative to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side. An expert lawyer will know how to mount the best defense for your case, giving you the best chance to fight the charges against you. Without their expert opinion, you could fall trap to a prosecutorial system that is actively working against you. 

There is much that you can do to fight the DWI charges against you—a charge is not the same as a conviction—but it’s vital to have a skilled lawyer fighting on your behalf. An experienced DWI defense attorney will help you understand your rights, where the State may have violated those rights, and how to move on with your life after a DWI charge. With their expert help, a lawyer can help you receive the best possible outcome from your case. 

Andreea Ionescu is a well-respected DWI lawyer in Montgomery County who is ready to discuss your case and help you understand your rights. Selecting the correct attorney to represent your case is vital to getting a favorable outcome of your case. She is well-known throughout the community and has years of experience in defending her clients. With hundreds of happy clients, Andreea has the expertise and empathy required to defend your case in the best possible way. Don’t waste any more time, call Andreea today at 832-509-0222.