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How A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You With A DWI Charge

Imagine you just had the best night of your life out on the town. On your way home, you get stopped by a cop for a routine traffic stop. The cop asks for a breath test, and your results show you're intoxicated. You're charged with a DWI. It's a scary situation, but a...

What Are the Penalties for a First DWI Conviction in Texas?

There are times in life where a mistake you make can cause you to suffer longterm setbacks and consequences. Simply getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated can lead to a life-altering event that you weren't prepared for. Before you know it, your entire...

The Arrest Process and You: A Guide to Your Rights, Bail, and More

There were 15,850 DWI cases in Harris County last year. After each arrest, police officers followed specific legal procedures. Every action surrounding the arrest must follow legal and constitutional rules. The minute an officer arrests you, you become the suspect in...

Texan Drug Laws 101: A Simple Guide to the Law

The state of Texas has a reputation for being tough on crime. And this more or less remains the case when it comes to drug laws in the Lone Star state. With that said, the state's marijuana laws are fairly more progressive than one might expect. After seeing the poor...

Everything You Need to Know About DWIs in Texas

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in just about any state in the country can have serious consequences. This is certainly the case in Texas, where the punishment for such an act can be quite severe.   In Texas, the act of driving with a...

What to Do After Family Assault or Domestic Violence Charges in Texas

Domestic violence makes up 15% of all violent crime in America, with twenty-four people becoming a victim of it every minute. Because of this, the country is seeing a huge clamp down on this type of crime. In fact, conviction rates for domestic violence are increasing...

False Accusations: What to Do When You Didn’t Commit the Crime

Standing in front of a judge and facing jail time in the state of Texas is intimidating enough. But it's a whole different feeling when you have to go to court after being falsely accused of a crime.   Sometimes, this occurs due to your identity being mistaken...

How to Beat a Simple Assault Charge: Your Guide to the Best Defense

Many people think an assault charge stems from a fight between two parties that leaves bruises, cuts, and the like. While this is often true, you can be charged with simple assault even if the alleged victim has no injuries. As you can expect, this often leads to...

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I am happy with the result I got

March 06, 2018 ★★★★★

I am very happy with the result I got. She told me in the beginning that she can’t promise me a result, but that she can guarantee that she will do the best she can. And she did. She knows all the prosecutors and that helped to get me a good result.


– John MacDOnald

Best Experience

December 04, 2017 ★★★★★

This is not the first time I had to hire an attorney. The first time, I hired an attorney who never answered the phone, never returned calls. I never knew what was happening with my case. Ms. Ionescu is very accessible and always answered my questions. That put me at ease and made this process a lot easier. I recommend her to anybody who needs a good DWI attorney.


 David Henderson

She is the best DWI attorney in Houston

December 09, 2017 ★★★★★

She is the best DWI attorney in Houston. She is a former prosecutor and she knows a lot about DWI cases. She explained to me how things will happen in court, and that is exactly how it happens. She always got to court on time.


– Joe Randall