4. The Breathalyzer

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After the officer places you under arrest, he will ask for a sample your breath and blood. He will also tell you that if you refuse to give a sample of your breath or blood, your Driver’s License will get suspended.

The Breathalyzer

What you should expect

  • Officer will ask you to blow into a machine that will show your blood alcohol level

What you should do

  • Give a sample of your breath

The Intoxylizer 9000, which is the machine that the State uses has many problems, is unreliable and is constantly challenged in court. 

The 15 Minutes Supervision

What you should expect

  • Officer needs to supervise you for 15 minutes before he does the test 

What you should do

  • DO NOT talk to the officer while you wait for the 15 minutes to pass. Stay silent. 

The officer will use this time to start casual conversations with you and get you comfortable. While he is pretending to be your friend, your conversation with him will be recorded and everything you say will be used against you.